Leveraging Signages for Effective Marketing Campaigns

Creating marketing campaigns that stand out from the pack and make lasting connections with customers is every marketer’s utopia. Leveraging signage as a core element of your branding strategy can take your marketing campaign to the next level. Whether you’re looking to drive traffic in-store or online, a strategically-placed sign can be the difference between a casual visitor and a brand advocate.

The first step to leveraging signage as part of your marketing strategy is establishing the right brand identity for your business. Look closely at your brand’s color palette and logo design. There are likely certain emblems and designs that reappear frequently, which can help consumers identify your business quickly as their go-to option for products or services. Once you’ve nailed down your brand identity, use that information to guide the design of your signage.

Consider your brand’s tone of voice as you craft your corporate signage. Ensure that your signage is consistent with the way you speak to your target audience, and that it evokes a positive emotional response when viewed by your target demographic. If your company’s branding is off, it can send a confusing message to consumers and may even lead them to a poor perception of your business.

While some businesses are familiar with using signage to direct or entice customers, they’re often used in isolation for ad-hoc marketing campaigns. Sharpen your corporate signage by incorporating your marketing strategies, and incorporate a consistent branding template that harmonizes all company collateral. This elevates the professionalism of your signage, and signals that you have a vision for both today and tomorrow.

With the power of digital signage, you can customize your signage to showcase content that engages customers and drives conversions. Social media feeds, weather forecasts, current news and events, quotes, and videos are all examples of dynamic content that can be displayed on digital screens for customers to enjoy. Digital signs can also be used to communicate specific promotions and discounts, encouraging shoppers to purchase your product or service.

The biggest benefit of leveraging signage for your marketing campaigns is its ability to provide measurable results. When you track and record metrics such as promo codes, URLs, phone numbers, or social media hashtags, you can see what content is working and which isn’t. You can then adjust your future content to focus on what’s bringing in the most ROI. If you need high quality business sign make sure you hire a local reputable sign company in Fresno.